by Darion Smith

Treated like we’re rotten sick of being taught nothing more than picking cotton
I sought out a way to be more than an afterthought lines of pain pulled way to taught
had me feeling distraught a side plot tryna be a big shot a despot trying to be realized
But instead despised utilized and colonized till it was legalized to hate us to be penalized for being africanized
How does that work? When we built the groundwork
Slavery was wrote about like a cirque expecting mastery of humans like clockwork
But even though its built on black backs we get cut back from the paperbacks
If your as black as kodak you get no fame your life is there game
an animal left to tame with a given name saying we all the same
Off putting the blame
Leaving us with the shame
Don’t sound to peachy don’t it?
Don’t sound dreamy like fiji no wet nurse calling you sweetie second fiddle luigi
Slavery wasn’t easy sure as hell wasn’t breezy
If only there was a genie so he could feed a needie and stop the greedy rapes
That give me my lightskin how does that truth taste
So tired of the fakes who disgraced and displaced the african race and erased the african race
And erased history just in case they outpace the white face the white face
like cancer cells in prophase
Made it impossible to trace culture back to any place before cyberspace
guess its a way of saving face
Only reason why they won the arms race is because they had Smith & Wesson
And that's why these texans blessing blackboys to heaven
See I reckon it's a continuous cycle cause we have no idols
See we get this title of being homicidal and primal treating vinyls like bibles
But we do got them idols but the mans gonna hide them
Thus continuing the cycle