No More Ignorance
            by Dakota Muller

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing for evermore
You are all I long for

            -Frank Sinatra, Fly Me to the Moon

Have you ever sat and waited?
The anticipation from the wait slowly creeping in
Your patience growing thin
Your surroundings becoming so quiet you can hear everything around you
The quiet ticks of the clock counting the seconds bye
The quiet pounding of your heart

The better question: have you waited on love?
Every moment together bliss
The butterflies you feel in your stomach when they are near
Every moment apart torture
Feeling like apart of yourself is missing when they are not by your side
The weight of missing them on your shoulders
Crushing you
Every moment together bliss
The world fading away when you talk to them
Ignoring the friendly hugs
Ignoring the small fact you're not the one saying:
“In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you”
Ignoring the small fact you're not the one they whisper sweet nothings to every night

Ignorance is bliss they say
True love waits they say
Little girls are taught to have their minds in the clouds
I say the clouds are not where they belong but on the ground where they can blossom into who they really are
They are taught that their Prince Charming will appear one day
I say that their prince is lost somewhere on a turtle in the middle of a pond
They are taught that good things come to those who wait
I say you have to fight through the bad and work for the good

Is that really love though?
Giving up a piece of yourself to someone
Ruining your self worth so they can be happy
Hurting yourself so they can smile
but only for it to be
Not enough
To be there for everything
The tears
The laughs
The long nights
The early mornings
The late night facetime calls when one of us has had a bad night
But only for it to be
Not enough

No more
No more of my tears will be shed
No more wondering why I wasn't enough
No more waiting around to be noticed

Ignorance is not bliss
Ignorance is wounding
Ignorance is blinding  what is really in front of me
No more

Enough has been  enough
It's time to wake up and see the day

Have you ever realized who you are meant to be?
Open your eyes
See the sky
See the light
See what is in front of you
Breathe in the air
Watch the sunrise
Do the thing you’ve been scared to do to
Be yourself
No longer will I play the waiting game
No longer will I let ignorance blind me

I shall take my life back
I shall stand tall
I shall live my own life
Not in fear
Not in anticipation
But loud and free