My Dynasty
by J.A.G. (Ahmed Barrow)

My queen, my queen
A lady that can make being sick seem like a gift
To be able to stay home and be loved by you all day
You make a snack, taste as great as the last supper
My queen, my queen
Even when it’s raining
You take the sound of the raindrops
And arrange them into a symphony
A beautiful melody
That only ends with the loud drum clash of thunder
My queen,
My mother
..…Ohh…... you think I forgot about you
How could I forget about the king
The one who turns all my mistakes into life learned lessons
Who takes my fears and turn them into something so small
Even ants can't see it
My king my king
You gave me hope in my darkest times
You’ve given me so much
It would be impossible to pay you back
But that’s why I wrote this poem
In honor of my queen and my king
Thank you for coming together
To make me, the prince

Roses N Thorns
by J.A.G. (Ahmed Barrow)

The people with the rosiest smiles
Often have the biggest bouquets of pain
I never got that
You know I remember
Being eight years old and wondering where do trees come from
And why around them were millions of these micro strands of hair from the dirt called grass
And only a few roses
I saw the tree as the big sister to the flower
And the flower the big bro to the grass
I lost my big sister to a tree
I described the loss as
A string tied along a taller flower
Back then no-one understood
Losing her forced me to be strong
And grow my roots even further into the ground
She said
The people with the rosiest smiles
Often have the biggest bouquets of pain
I still never got that
One day a lady tried to pick me up
I tried with all my might but still ended in the palm of her hand
That’s when it happened
Suddenly people saw me as more than a pretty appearance
But they saw my quote unquote rough side
They saw all of my thorns
These thorns
Form only to protect me
From being hurt the same way again by anyone
Each time I cry
It’s because someone misused me
Or lied to me
Or even
Left me alone to rot
I grow a thorn there
To protect me from the world
The people with the rosiest smiles
Often have the biggest bouquet of pain
I never got that
Until now
And with each flower in the bouquet
There is a plethora of thorns to protect the beauty that is the flower